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EMACNS 2018 Alcante promises exciting competitions

    Almost 1200 athletes are registered at the European Masters Athletic Championships Non-Stadia in Alicante. About 300 start in two competitions, for example road run 10km on Friday, 18th Mai 2018 and half marathon on Sunday or road walk 10km and the long distances in 20 km or 30 km walking.

    Most entries from the 28 participating countries come from Spain. Overall, the road run 10km records the most entries, followed by the half marathon. Around 1,100 participants take part in these two running events.
    Race Walking and Cross Run 16 r


    The number of participans in the road walk events is proportional very high with more than 300 walkers. Registrations for the cross country relays take place only in Alicante.

    Based on the number of entries, Spain and Italy are among the favorites in team competition and the cross relays.

    The oldest participants include


    PAGU ELENA, ROU, F90: 10km road walk

    JONES PAMELA, GBR, F80: 10km road race and half marathon

    KRUEGER ERIKA, GER, F80: half marathon


    PUSHKIN IVAN, UKR, M85: 10km road walk and 30km road walk

    SQUADRONE ANGELO, ITA, M85: 10km road race and half marathon