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EMACNS- Alicante discovers road walk

    On the evening of May 19, the road walkers went on the 30 km route. One hour later, the women completed the colourful picture on the wide promenade along the marina with their 20 km road walking. Many spectators lined the 1 km long turning course. They used the benches or seats to watch the road walkers or strolled along the track on the side of the marina. The competitors distributed themselves after a short time on the whole route, so that at any time road walkers could be observed.

    It did cool down a bit during the competition, but the heat took its toll especially in the 30km walk, so that several had to give up or were disqualified.

    In total, about 120 men and women reached the finish line in the late evening. The award ceremonies took place immediately after the end of the competition until late in the night.
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