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EMACNS – Cross country relays and 10km road race in San Juan

    At about the same place the 10 km road race and the Cross Relays started in San Juan.
    In both events, the Spanish dominated the lower age groups with a large number of top performances.

    10 km road race
    Only Spaniards were among the 16 runners. For women and the M60+ age group, the medal ranks were more evenly distributed across several countries. The sun heated up the asphalt mercilessly, so that several of the athletes, especially from northern countries, could not achieve their best times due to the heat.

    Cross country relays first
    The relay races were considered the highlight and social event for many nations. Even before the start there was a lot of cheering on each other to the rhythm of the music. Due to a lack of participants, several countries had even filled their teams with walkers and then celebrated their results together. The route was considered beautiful. The course led through a park with many trees and easy gradients. Gravel paths alternated with grass, forest paths and sandy stretches. All in all appropriate for a cross country. The cross country relay event was a celebration of nations.
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