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EMACNS – Walkers populate the promenade of Alicante

    The walkers opened the championships at 9:00 with the 10km events on the pedestrian promenade along the sea and the marina of Alicante. The total of the circuit was 2 km. Thus, the many spectators could encourage and cheer several times. The conditions were very good in the three events in the categories M55 +, W all categories and M35/40/45/50 in sunshine and pleasant temperatures around 20 ° Celsius.

    Ian Richards (M70, GBR) was pleased with his impressive win in M70 and second place in the 10km walk M55 +: “The floor is very hard and makes your feet hot”, he said smiling. He enjoyed the lovely sunshine. Ian Richards took part in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow and finished eleventh. He rested from the walk with 36 and restarted at age 60, also to prevent overweight.”you feel in a ra ce younger, it’s a good feeling”

    The results:

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