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Emacs 2023 Pescara – Interview with Walentina Fedjuschina EMA President

    We are at the arrival of this beautiful adventure which is the European Championship Stadia 2023 and we are talking about it with the President EMA

    • We are less than sixty days away from this first post Covid outdoor championship on the track, which follows that of Braga indoors, but here you are in the official capacity of President, how do you experience this event? This is my first big event as President. All the Council is working hard to make this championships attractive for the athletes and sponsors. With today world crisis it is not easy task.I hope all together we will be able to make it successful and I will be happy to see all of you in Pescara.
    • Is everything proceeding according to expectations given the great effort, not only by the Loc, but also by FIDAL? EMA,Fidal and LOC work as one team to achieve our goals. Sometimes we are facing some problems,it is normal for such big projects and we are looking for decisions ,we are trying to solve it. We have experienced people ,who is able to help us and it gives big hope that we can succeed with this Stadia Championship.
    • There are even a few days left until registration closes, an invitation to the last undecided? My dear EMA family, i am personally would like to invite you to Pescara.It is fantastic city ,great climat, friendly people.You will enjoy to compete there,enjoy to visit the beaches and restaurants,to have great holidays with your families. Deadline for registration is Aug 8th and do not be late ! We count to your presence to get a great Championship
    • Who do you think will be the protagonist? I expect perfect performances from our Masters and i believe that those protagonist who have been awarded as the Best Masters 2022 -will give great example and motivate others in Pescara.