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EMACS 2023 Pescara – Let’s go

    The XXII Master Stadia Championships begin today and have their main venue in the Adriatico stadium in Pescara. Today the program includes the parade from 6 pm while for the first races the appointment is tomorrow Thursday 21 September. Approximately 4,700 athletes representing 39 nations participate in the event. We compete for ten days until October 1st in three locations for a total of approximately 8000 competing-athletes.

    Everything is ready in Abruzzo for these Master European Championships whose main venue is Pescara, for the majority of the track competitions, but the Montesilvano and Francavilla al Mare facilities are also involved and this is the fifth time in the history of these Championships, which take place in Italy. As mentioned, athletes from 39 European nations are at the start, but there are also athletes from 56 non-European countries and therefore out of the rankings. Figures that give the idea of ​​a massive participation and the presences are announced to be particularly numerous, in addition to those from Italy, from Great Britain (437), Spain (399), Germany (384) and France (315).
    Have fun everyone and good luck