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EMACS well under way

    IMG 7879 rSeveral personal best, national records and European records have been broken on the second day by EMACS in Aarhus.
    Only hours after EMA president Kurt Kaschke opened the 20th EMACS at the Tivoli Friheden in front of several hundred of the participants, it was time for action Friday.
    Finaly the sprinter could take their marks in the initial heats of the 100 meters.

    Many hopes where made for a place in Saturdays finals, some even made national records on their first test on the track in Århus.
    Like Norway´s Heidi Barth who passed the finish line on 14,44 seconds in the women 55 agegroup. While the sprinter started their task for medals, the athletes in the decathlon or heptathlon used their last effort in the fight against both themselves and their competitors.

    Almost 36 hours after they started their competition, they finaly could cross the finish line and celebrate what they had achieved. Discus, weigth throw and the 10.000 meters were on the timetable at the Visby stadium.
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