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EMACS2019 is waiting for you

    There are only a few days left for accreditation.
    We are coming now close to 43 registered Members 
    who will send their masters athletes to the European Highlight 
    of 2019 in September to Jesolo, Caorle and Eraclea.
    The LOC is nearly ready with the necessary preparation.
    The competition booklet is going to be checked and ready to be published soon.
    The track in Caorle is now ready, missing is the colour … the summer time made 
    it easy to be ready with the construction on time.
    You will be welcomed from September 3rd onwards at the airports of Venice and Treviso
    by EMACS2019 hostesses. Take the shuttle bus to the accreditation center and be prepared to
    have some great moments in life.
    We will look back of 40 years of masters/veterans athletics history, presented by our Masters Athletics Museum. If you have some material that you like to offer to the museum, bring it with you and add your story. You will be remembered in the museum for the next generation.
    On September 9th – just before the day of the General Assembly – the LOC will welcome you at the 
    party of the “Good old 50ties”  – be dressed if you like to and join us.
    See you soon in Venice