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    The European Masters Championships in the disciplines of Mountain
    Running, Trail and Nordic Walking are on their way to be a memorable
    event. 17 countries are represented by their athletes and delegates.
    As they marched onto the stage of the opening ceremony, the teams were
    welcomed by the rhythm of of the drums of the Valtramontina.
    EMA President Kurt Kaschke welcomed the teams together with the
    autorities of Tramonti di Sotto, Tramonti di Sopra, FIDAL and Tomo Sarf
    (President of World Mountain Runners).
    A special honour was given to Norbert Schneider (GER) for his
    outstanding performance during the virtual event ROAD TO VALTRAMONTINA.
    The oath of the athletes was spoken by two athletes from Germany (Dorit
    Stehr) and Italy (Urbano Fontanoa).
    A special offer was made by the president of Swiss Masters Running, Rene
    Fürst. He handed over to the EMA the bidding documents to host the 2023
    Championships in Adelbogen. Gianfranco Lucchi – Vice President of Fidal
    – declared the 2021 Championships open at the end, before the buffet was
    opened. “The championships may commence!”
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