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EMORRC Machico 2024 on the launch pad

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    Today, after the successful European masters marathon championships in Funchal, the Council of EMA led by President Walentina Fedjuschina took part, in the local City Hall, at a meeting with the Mayor of Machico Ricardo Franco and the representative of AARAM Luis Policarpo for the launch of the Machico 2024 European Masters Off Road Running Championships. Walentina Fedjuschina and Ricardo Franco pointed out the importance of this event to promote the beauty of the untouched nature of this part of the island of Madeira. In the afternoon, before the official ceremony at the City Hall, the representatives of EMA (VP Giovanni Tracanelli and Technical Delegate Vesna Repic) and LOC (Luis Policarpo and Nelio Parreira) managed a technical meeting to discuss technical and logistic details of the event, and to agree on the date of the competition. More details in the next days: stay tuned! Giovanni Tracanelli VP Competition