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EMORRC2024 and EMACNS2024 – The next Championships (2)

    Machico 09 – 12 May 2024 / Porto Santo 15 – 19 May 2024

    Today we talk about the two other Championships that EMA is organizing in 2024, beyond Torun, with the decisive support of the Madeira LOC of which Gouveia Policarpo is President.
    Madeira is known as the “Floating Garden” or “the pearl of the Atlantic”. Located in the north of the Atlantic Ocean about 900 km from mainland Portugal, Madeira is Europe’s viewpoint on the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago is made up not only of the inhabited islands, which are Madeira (the largest) and Porto Santo, but also of two small groups of uninhabited and wild islands. We then met the President of the LOC Luis Aberto Gouveia POLICARPO to tell us more about these events:

    1) Hi Luis, today we ask you for some information on the events that will take place in the coming years in the pearl of Portugal, Madiera, so the view is guaranteed and the Machico race courses are equally spectacular? Hi Luciano, We can say that the Autonomous Region of Madeira will be the capital of master athletics in Europe in 2024/25, through the various Championships that we will organize. Madeira has a mild temperature throughout the year, which allows us to organize events at any time with maximum safety. Machico is the out door capital, which given its characteristics is ideal for nature events. The Municipality of Machico has 120 km of trails, which connect all the parishes of the municipality, with beautiful routes and landscapes that I am sure will amaze all participants, in addition it has an excellent beach, which allows athletes to take a dip in full. Atlântico, the best way to recover from the effort of the race. The airport is 10 minutes away and has an excellent hotel capacity.

    2) What can you tell us about the Championship that will be held in Porto Santo? The island of Porto Santo is located 40 km from Madeira and given its characteristics it is known as the Golden Island. It is a refuge for Madeirans and many Europeans, as its 9 km long beaches are considered among the best in Europe. The Island is very flat, and the routes that make up NON STADIA are mostly flat, which will provide good conditions for participants. There are direct flights from Lisbon, Porto, Funchal and some European cities to Porto Santo. There is also a ferry service every day from Funchal which takes two and a half hours.

    3) In 2025 we will instead be in Madeira for the Stadia Championships with the spectacular Ribeira Brava facility, are you already prepared because you already organize the Master meeting so everything is under control? Yes, we already have a long history of organizing international events, such as the meeting, which we organized in the last week of January, this year with a training camp, as well as several combined European Cups. The competition will also take place on the tracks from Câmara de Lobos and Machico. The road and cross-country races will be held in Funchal and the walking races will most likely be held in Calheta. We have all the conditions to hold good championships. Like 2020, where we managed to organize NON STADIA in the middle of the pandemic, all athletes will be welcome, with the certainty that we will do our best to make it a good championship. ..

    You can see the videos presentation of two events in these links