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European Athletics Convention in Funchal (Portugal)

    Member Federation Governance Workshop.

    During the European Athletics Convention in Funchal this workshop took place on October 13th from 9.30 till 16.00.
    More than 50 delegates from European Athletics Federations took part.

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    This workshop was offered to give an overview of the background and the latest developments presented by an expert on good governance in sport organizations.

    This expert was a person working for CAS.

    The second part of the workshop was a practical presentation of a tool, SIGGS, developed for national govern bodies. The aim of this tool SIGGS, is that all national governing bodies should start using it in their own federation but also in clubs and all organizers of sport under the umbrella of IAAF. The Erasmus program in EU was responsible for creating this tool.

    There is a direct response when a federation answers the different questions.

    It shows a graphic scaled from 1 till 5 in the different parts of governing. The best score is 5.

    This graphic will be the start of a discussion of better governance in all boards. How to improve to a higher level?

    This tool was easy to use, and will be a good motivation to start a discussion about the standard of good governance in your own organization.

    The aim of the Workshop was to help federations assess their current situation and if required develop an action plan for making required enhancements.

    The first part of the workshop was about SIGA. (Sport Integrity Global Alliance). We all know WADA, looking for doping in sport from an independent view from outside the sport.

    SIMA tries to be a similar organization from outside the sport to watch Good Governance in sport. If you want to know more about Good Governance just click on the link:

    Kalle Glomsaker