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European Masters Athletics Championship Cross-Country Event

    EMA A sEMA B r

    EMACI 2022 in Braga started with Cross-Country

    The Championships kicked off on Sunday morning, 20.2.2022 at 9:30 am in the Country Cross of the W55+ group. In an eyelash final, Susan Ridley of Great Britain won ahead of Mª Soledad Castro Soliño of Spain in the W55 age group. By 14:00, the W35-W50, M65+, M55/M60, M45/M50 and finally M35/M40 groups followed. The military unit in the grounds of Cavalry Regiment 6 lived up to the announcement as an excellent cross-country track. The course presented an undulating layout and varying ground conditions. It was very varied with meadow sections and uneven terrain with challenging climbs many turns. The terrain was very clear so that the spectators could overlook almost the entire race from the starting point. Due to the relatively difficult terrain, it was decided at short notice to shorten the 8km course for the W55+ and M65 age groups by one lap to about 6.5km in length. This decision was very much appreciated by the runners. The clarity of the course and wide paths contributed to the fact that no falls or injuries occurred.

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