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European Masters Athletics Championships – Biddings required

    The City od Torun invited the World Masters and the athletes followed this call.

    Now Venice is hosting the European Masters’ Athletes in Jesolo, Caorle and Eraclea from September 5th up to the 15th 2019.

    2020 in March/April EMA Council is still waiting for a new bidding of EMACI after the City of Malmö (SWE) resigned. It would be great for all European athletes to be hosted in a City that is able to bid together with the National Federation in a very short time (one year of preparation).

    The Mountain Running and Non-Stadia Championships 2020 will be hosted in Madeira next year.

    A beautiful place to travel to but not only for competition but for holidays as well. The organizers have experience in international events and have a close relation to the Municipality of Funchal and Porto Moniz.

    2021 EMACS – the Council is still waiting for a bidding as well. The General Assembly has to decide for the host city in Venice on 10th of September 2019. Therefor we need a strong bidder who is able to manage this Stadia event. Two stations are required for having more than 4000 athletes welcomed.

    Mountain Running Championship for the masters will be in Val Tramontina (ITA) 28th – 30th May 2021.

    The City of Tramonti di Sotto is prepared to host many competitors but will invite athletes in open races as well to have a festival of Masters Athletics.

    2022 the European Masters are looking forward to the Indoor and Non-Stadia Championships, but also Like to have another Mountain Running event. Biddings are required until 30th November 2019.

    2023 will be the year when EMA invites the European Athletes to join the Stadia events. The earlier the Letters of Interest from future organizers  are sent to EMA Council the more time for preparation.

    There are excellent locations for Indoor now in Europe: Madrid, Torun, Marseille, Istanbul, Glasgow, etc.

    We have great stadia locations as well in all European Countries but they have to be used for athletics, if not, cities may take away the tracks for football. Let us work together to continue the story of success of Masters Athletics.

    EMA Council is waiting for your Letters of Interests now – let us share the passion for athletics together.

    On behalf of EMA Council

    Kurt Kaschke

    EMA President