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European Masters‘ Athletics Indoor in Madrid a big success

    Just one year for the Spanish Athletics Federation to work on the European Masters’ Indoor Championships.

    … and the Spanish team did a great job to host Masters from Europe and some from abroad our continent.

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    Not all registered 3844 athletes participated but that happens in all our championships. Important for our Masters Athletics, we could offer a high standard of athletics under excellent conditions.

    The Spanish officials worked close together with EMA representatives and many problems could be solved early enough to satisfy the athletes and the judges as well.

    The beginning started with patience in the queue of the registration, but less than expected. The procedure of picking up the documents and confirming  the participation seems to difficult for some athletes who do not speak English at all. EMA has to work on it for the next event.

    Madrid kept its promise to give all athletes free rides on the public transport system – but again, there were less signs than expected. People found their own way to the venues and a chance to contact the locals for information.

    The opening ceremony on Sunday with the Flamenco was a little highlight. We all were happy to welcome our Best European Master 2017 Angela COPSON from UK and to honour her together with Marina Hoernecke-Gil who received TCFPA for her “Life for Athletics”. Some comments from the athletes after the opening pointed out “Less and shorter speeches and more entertainment. Athletes marching in should sit on the stands to watch the opening!” A good proposal EMA Council has to take care when preparing the ceremonies.

    Unbelievable was the precise time table during the 6 days of competition. The LOC could manage to have only short delays but never received complains. But in this case EMA Council and future LOCs have to think about to add another day to shorten the competition days. Not only for the athletes but for judges officials and volunteers as well. To start at 07.00am and finish on two days after midnight is not what we can burden on everybody`s shoulder.

    2020 Malmö in Sweden likes to host the next indoor championship and we are all sure to have great events there as well.

    For the first time EMA Council invited all team leaders to attend to a meeting during our championships.

    Fennie van Osch (NED), Valentyna Krepkina (UKR) and Kalle Glomsaker (NOR) let the meeting. The proposals were written down and sent to all our affiliates to work on it.

    Resumé of the biggest indoor event up to now:

    Well organised by the Spanish Federation – we are now looking forward to Alicante (Non-Stadia) and Malaga (WMACS). Our World Masters’ Athletics highlight 2018 will also have big changes in the organisation of WMA Council. Let us see how we can develop our Masters’ Athletics Movement.