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European Masters Athletics Technical Board Information

    During these days we have some questions that arise from events and competitions

    Here is one from the Norwegian Board of Masters’ Athletics:

    Norwegian athlete Nina Rødmoen (born 1961) ran on June 17 2021 the 3000 meters at a meet in Sandnes (Norway), crossing the finish Line in 11:57,91.

    This might be a new European and World Record. The issue is, that she ran together with men.


    Is this qualified as a new Norwegian and World record, or must she run in a only women race?

    The answer of the responsible in WMA Brian Keaveney:

    As long as all normal WA and WMA rules were followed women are allowed to race in a race with men and the reverse. It is in our WMA Rules of Competition. Please look online at WMA website. “Rules of Competition (2020-2021)”.

    Brian Keaveney
    World Masters Athletics VP Competition