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European Masters’ Mountain Running Championship 2017 in Spain

    20161104 124457 rOn April the 30th 2017 the city of Montcada  (10km from Barcelona) will host the Masters of the Mountains. Mayoress of Montcada I Reixac Senora Laura Campos Ferrer welcomed Josep Maria Antentas – Technical Manager of Mountain Running in EMA – and EMA President Kurt Kaschke in her office to sign the contract for these championships.

    “It will be the first time in history of our community to host European championships. The organising committee will have our best support to make this event a big success.” she said.

    Kurt Kaschke handed over the Batton of Team Work – as it is a common custom in EMA – the team that has to run these championship: the municipality, the LOC, the Spanish Athletic Federation RFEA, and last but not least EMA.

    Technical Director will be Ildefonso Teruel, still a successful long distance runner, multiple Champion of Cataluña.

    The entry will be possible this month, just have a look on EMA website.

    There is a limit of participation because of the fact the course is located in a ecological forest, protected by the government.