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European Records by Ute and Wolfgang Ritte

    Photos by Alfred Hermes (Düsseldorf, January 2023)

    The spouses Ute and Wolfgang Ritte from Germany showed themselves in record mood at the pole vault. Wolfgang marked a new M70 world record with 3.55 m, Ute improved her own W70 European record to 2.40 m.

    M70 world record in pole vault by Wolfgang Ritte: 3.55 m

    Only six days after the Masters Indoor Championships on January 8th, 2023 in Düsseldorf/Germany, where Wolfgang Ritte had improved the existing world record in the pole vault of the M70 age group of the US American Art Parry from 3.35 m to 3.45 m, he managed to improve this best mark twice again at the pole vault meeting in Horn-Bad Meinberg (GER) on January 14, 2023. After clearing 3.50 m in his third attempt, he managed to clear 3.55 m at the first attempt.


    W70 European record by Ute Ritte in pole vault: 2.40 m

    At the indoor championships in Paderborn (Germany) on 04.03.2023, Ute Ritte improved her own European indoor record in the pole vault in the age group W70 to 2.40 m. She set her first W70 European record last year with 2.33m. On 12.02.2023 she raised the record to 2.35 m and finally increased it to 2.40 m in Paderborn. Her next opportunity for another top performance will be the WMACI in Torun, Poland, from 26 March to 1 April 2023. As a competitor in the fight for the title in Torun, Great Britain’s Sue Yeomans announced herself with a declared height of 2.43m. The current world champion Kay Glynn from the USA does not appear in the entry lists. Glynn marked the W70 world record with 2.66m on 5 February.

    Results (Paderborn):