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European WMA Best Athletes in Málaga


    2017 WMA best masters athletes include Angela Copson (W70 GBR), Hans Smeets (M70 NED) and Jean-Louis Esnault (M77 FRA). The three impressed the spectators at the past World Masters Athletics Championships in Málaga again. Especially the legend Angela Copson with seven gold and one bronze. Hans Smeets won two gold medals in middle distance and Jean-Louis Esnault claimed gold and silver.

    Angela Copson

    The great British runner Angela Copson ran to gold in the 400m (1:17.47), (2:54.63), 1.500m (5:48.07), 5.000m (22:08.19), 6km Cross Country (27:27), 10k Road Race (45:38) and in 4x400m. Her win on the 400m short distance was particularly exceptional and amazing, as one lap is a far shorter distance than her usual. She also took part in the GBR W70 4x100m relay and reached third place with her team.

    International Awards

    • Best Europen Master 2017
      Overall: #2 Angela Copson W70 GBR
      Long Distance: #1 Angela Copson W70 GBR


    Angela Copson is currently according to WMA publication the world record holder W70 outdoor in 800m, 1.500m, 5.000m, 10.000m and indoor in 800m, 1.500m, 3.000m. In addition, she holds the European best performance in 10km road run in her age group W70.

    Hans Smeets

    Hans Smeets (Netherlands) returned from Malaga with two gold medals as M70 World Champion in 800m (2:30.11) and 1500m (5:14.48). He had prepared hinself meticulously for the championships through hard training and through participation in competitions almost every week since May in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

    International Award

      Middle Distance: #1 Hans Smeets M70 NED


    The Dutch runner Hans Smeets currently holds the M70 indoor world record in the 1.500m and leads the European M70 outdoor bestlist in 800m and 1.500m

    Jean-Louis Esnault

    In the 1.500m race M75 Frenchman Jean-Louis Esnault (M77) clocked 5:53.88 and won gold ahead of the Swede Paul Simonsson (5: 55.21) and the Norwegian Tormod Boenes (5: 55.44). In this final the first six places went to Europeans. Another medal in silver, long-distance runner Jean-Lous Esnault achieved on the shorter 800m track in time of 2:50.80. In the 5000m race he finished fourth (22:34.88).

    International Award

      Long Distance: #1 Jean-Louis Esnault M77 FRA

    Jean-Louis Esnault set M75 French records on the running distances from 800 to 10.000 meters.

    Photos and report by AH