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Exhibitions during EMAC 2019 / Venice

    40 years Masters athletics

    More Art and Photography (PDF) >>

    Location: Accreditation Centre Jesolo
    a) Forty Years of Masters’ Athletics by Frank Sheffka
    b) Athletics – Art and Photograpy by Alfred Hermes

    To a) Frank Scheffka is a doctor, medical lecturer and sports historian
    from Delmenhorst near Bremen in northern Germany. Privately, he runs an
    extensive sports museum. He will present a small part of his collection
    in Jesolo and look back on the history of the World and European Masters
    Championships in the form of certificates and medals. The photo shows a
    small selection of the objects.

    To b) Alfred Hermes is a hobby photographer, active runner and Media and
    Communication Advisor of European Masters Athletics Association.