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Forty years of European Masters Athletics

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    The development of European Masters Athletics since 1978 – Part 1

    At the official founding of the WAVA on 9 August 1977 in Gothenburg/Swe Cesare Beccalli/Ita

    The founding meeting of the European Veterans Athletic Association (EVAA) was held in Viareggio (ITA) on 11 September 1978. Wilhelm Köster and Giuseppe Galfetti were founding members. Both were honoured at the European Masters Athletics Championships 2019 in Veneto for their support to develop Masters’ Athletics in Europe. Kurt Kaschke, EMA President, presented the trophys with the inscription: “we move a generation – 1978 EVAA ● 2018 EMA”

    kaschke Köster

    „At the founding meeting of the ‘European Veterans Athletic Association’ (EVAA) convened in Viareggio for 11 September 1978 during the European Games from 10 to 16 September, 15 people from only 9 European countries appeared, although 21 countries attended the event.

    The following were elected:
    Cesare Beccalli, Italy President and WAVA Delegate
    Hans Axmann, Federal Republic of Germany as Vice President
    Giuseppe Galfetti, Switzerland as Treasurer (photo right)

    Wilhelm Köster, BRD was to take over the office of the secretary. With regard to his work for the DLV and his work as general secretary in the course of the execution of the 3rd WAVA World Championships in Hanover in 1979, he renounced an official vocation, but declared his willingness to cooperate.

    Maeve Kyle, United Kingdom, occupied the office of a women’s delegate.

    Although Cesare Beccalli had brought a secretary to the meeting, there was no record of this founding meeting later.“

    To be continued