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Four European World Records in the Pentathlon

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    C Wltrekordler im Fünfkampf Klaus Willi M80 rD Geese 4P8A0145 r

    Fotos of Petra Bajeat (AH), Riet Jonkers-Slegers (AH), Willi Klaus (K-H Flucke) and Rolf Geese (AH)

    Highlights of WMACI in Toruń was the performance by European Athlets in the pentathlaton where the total haul was four World Records. After the World Records of KLAUS Willi (M80, GER, 4540) and GEESE Rolf(M75, GER, 4443) on Day 4 in Toruń followed on Day 6 two world records in the pentathlon of women.

    Riet JONKERS-SLEGERS (W75, NED) set a new World Record in the penthatlon with a score of 4987 points breaking the old mark of 4494 ponts (Christa Bortignon, CAN, 2012-03-16).

    Petra BAJEAT (W55, FRA) achieved 4900 points in the pentathlon on Friday and set a new World Record. The basis was her World Record in the high jump with 1.60m, breaking her old mark of 1.58m. Thus, she achieved after the long jump during the championships in total so far three world records in Toruń.

    On Friday, three more new world records were set in the 200m:

    ALLIE Charles M70 (USA) 26.11 WR

    DEL GRANDE Karla W65 (CAN) 29.73 WR

    OBERA Irene W85 (USA) 44.18 WR

    Compiled by AH (Alfred Hermes)