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General Assembly and EMACS 2021 to Tampere

    EMA General Assembly took place on September 10th at the Palainvent in Jesolo, Italy, with 64 delegates and 5 council members led by EMA President Kurt Kaschke, including Vice-President Jean Thomas, Technical Director Martin Roald-Arbøl, Treasurer Gerardo Vaiani Lisi and Secretary Helena Pires de Carvalho. It was attended by Jean Gracia, EA council member that since many years is committed in masters athletics and responsible for EA and EMA collaboration, Pierre Weiss, chairman of IAAF Masters Commission, and Margit Jungmann, WMA President, all welcomed by LOC Venice 2019 President, Vito Vittorio.

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    Jean Gracia and Jean Thomas

    Reports of EMA council members concerned reviews to European and World championships in the years 2017 and 2018, as well as reports to activities. Treasurer report for 2017-2018 has been released, with an improval of the accounts, and the budget for 2019 and 2020 was approved. Now EMA has sponsorships contracts with sports brand Karhu and Laranja Tours.

    The city of Tampere, Finland, has been selected to host the next edition of European Masters Athletics Championships in 2021. Frenchwoman Petra Bajeat and Latvia’s Valdis Cela received the European Best Masters Awards 2018, while EVAA founders Giuseppe Galfetti and Wilhelm Köster were rewarded, instead Spanish delegate took the honour on behalf of Marina Hoernecke-Gil.

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    Rule change proposals were discussed, in order to pass them to WMA General Assembly. Then followed presentations for next year’s events in Portugal — EMA Championships Indoor in Braga and Non Stadia as well Mountain and Trail in Madeira — but also 2020 Worlds in Toronto and 2021 World Indoors in Edmonton, both in Canada. First interest meetings were made for Celje, Slovenia and Misano-Riccione, Italy.