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Good atmosphere and great results at EMACI 2018 in Madrid

    The 2008 EMACI in Madrid started on Monday with rain and cold. Finally on Thursday it was warm and sunny. Many moved their warm-up outside to sunbathe and enjoyed the onset of spring.M40Finale800m r

    Impressive W70 800m world record by Angela Copson at the fourth day of Competition

    After her World Record with the time of 12:49,26 in 3000m Angela Copson of Team GBR establish a new W70 Indoor World Record in 800m of 3: 00.67. She unwound the four laps with an aesthetic run and admirable lightness. Angela Copson bettered the listed WR of of Dutch Riet Jonker by 0.37 seconds.

    800m M40 entirely in Spanish hands

    In the 800m race of the age group M40 only athletes from Spain reached the final. The athletes were all enthusiastically celebrated by the many Spanish spectators.  The 800m W40 won Spain’s Mayte Martinez, a very well-known athlete on major stage and World bronze medallist in Osaka 2007. She came back this season, for her first competitions since 2010.

    What is good about Madrid, and what could be improved

    Athletes were consistently positive about the European Championships. The opinion of Andrew, a British Athlet with a lot of experience in championships, is exemplary:

    Good points

    1. Great stadium
    2. Excellent transport with metro, and pass for a week. Very quick to get on metro without need to loose time at the machines buying tickets.
    3. Very efficient organisation of the many heats, all on time and well run with few volunteers.
    4. Good changing rooms, showers, toilets all clean, and locker system with own padlock for bags.
    5. Good location with park opposite for outdoor training.
    6. Excellent restaurant menu with lots of salad, vegetables, and lean meat and fish. Also good open late in evening too.


    Andrew suggests offering more coffee and light eating places upstairs where can watch the athletics and misses water fountains to refill one’s own plastic water bottles.