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Goodbye Daegu – Welcome in Torun 2019

    In March 25th 2017 the World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor – Daegu 2017 came to an end. It was a very spectacular championships where athletes from 61 countries stands on medals podium.Daegu 2017 Jerzy Krauze Turn around WMA flag r

    During the championships 24 world records were set up. The team from Australia won the medal ranking, second position took Great Britain & Northern Ireland and third United States of America. After the relay races 4x200m the Daegu organizer’s provided closing ceremony. Program was included rock concert and official farewell speeches.
    On the stage first speech was given by Kwon Young-Jin Mayor of Daegu and after Stan Perkins WMA President took thankful speech and finally Bae Ho-Won – President of Korean Association of Athletics Federation. Closing ceremony this is also time to handing over the WMA flag for the next World Indoor organizer.
    The next championships will be held in Poland in the city of Torun.
    The 8th World Masters Athletics Championships Indoors was planned in March 24th – 30th, 2019. Jerzy Krauze as a Deputy Chairman of the LOC WMACI Torun 2019, thanked the Mayor of Daegu and the LOC for preparation and providing World Masters Indoor Championships.
    He also invited athletes on behalf of Michal Zaleski the Mayor of Torun all quests from all over the world to enjoy athletics and Polish hospitality, as well as unforgettable memories from the trip to Poland and the city of Torun. 

    Jerzy Krauze – EMA Vice President