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Great Atmosphere at the Opening Ceremony

    The tribune of Palaindoor was completly occupied by athletes and officials when the parade of beautiful dressed citizen of Ancona passed the spectators. Young drummers followed this procession and fascinated the audience with rhythm and enthusiasm.
    The parade of the 41 flags of the participating countries followed – introduced by music of a marvelous accordeon player.

    The speeches of the officials pointed out the importance of “Sport for Life” proved by Italians oldest athlete in this competition (100 years).

    EMA President Kurt Kaschke expressed his concerns about the difficult situations we are confronted in the European countries these days. He is positively looking forward to that sport is the integrating factor for our society.

    Special guest at the opening ceremony was Silke Schmidt (Germany) – World and European Best Female Athlete of 2015. She was honoured by EMA Council Members for her outstanding performances last year and received the “NIKE” out of the hands of EMA Treasurer Jean Thomas, Vice-President Jerzy Krauze and Secretary Helena Maria Pires de Carvalho.

    Mattias Sunneborn (Sweden) received the “Torsten Carlius Award 2015” for his outstanding presence in sport.
    In a short interview he pointed out that being a successful sportsman (world champion and record holder) is one thing but “you are also model for other people who are not gifted with my talent in athletics. You have to work hard for it with joy and enthusiasm and give something back to others”. His project – Jump Against Suicide – is the best example to give people hope and support to strengthen their consiousness.