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Hammer Throw with difficulties

    Danish Record for W75 Hammer Throw despite Obstacles

    Actually, the W75 hammer throw competition was supposed to be Friday night. Thunderstorms and pouring rain led in agreement with the throwers at 10:00 o’clock in the evening to the termination of the event.

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    It was postponed by 12 hours. Fortunately for good performances, because the weather was excellent and the sun provided a nice atmosphere. The Danish Kirsten Onsberg was so excited that she could hardly sleep. But at the beginning of the competition everything was forgotten. In the 5th attempt, the seventy-five year old, cheered by all participants, succeeded in winning with a throw of 31.46 metres to set a new Danish W75 record. By the way, European Champion Kirsten Onsberg has a big program at the European Championships: Throwing Pentathlon, Shot Put, Weight Throw, High Jump, 80m Hs and Hammer Throw.