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Helena Maria Pires de Carvalho – the heart of the CALLROOM

    20161102 034526 rShe gets up at at 5.30h in the morning, has her breakfast with other judges and officials before the shuttle bus takes her to the stadium. Until 5pm she is busy with her team, assisted by two other European officials – Muslin Turkkal and Moreno Baggio. The team works hand in hand together with the TIC and the officials in the stadium.

    “We are always in time …” But some athletes have to hurry to follow the call to the event – like EMA Vice President Jerzy Krauze, who had to hurry for the dash in hurdles.

    Matthias Sunneborn – the  man who entered every day the call room

    EMA Best Master 2013 and TCFPA winner of 2014 could stop competing. He is the one who entered the most disciplines of all participants.

    “It is my passion to compete, but I like to coach as well!” For 2017 he will prepare together with EMA Academy a coaching seminar for female and male athletes 50+. Don’t miss It! 

    We will see him as well in the relay team of the Swedes … running for the medal!

    EMA President welcomes his sport friends of Schleswig-Holstein 

    “I lived 28 years in Kiel and I still have good connections to my old friends up in the north of Germany. It is always a pleasure to see the athletes I used to train with in those days. Ulrike Gille is one of those who continuously participate in European an World Masters Championships and loves to be accompanied by good friends – like Ellen who got the bronze in shot put!”

    Good luck ladies – stay healthy an fit!