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In Memory of Janis Lusis: Latvian Javelin Throwers Legend

    janis lusis in memoriam

    Olympian Janis Lusis (Latvia) died on April 29th, 2020. He would have turned 81 on May 19.

    The Latvian Athletics Veterans Association (LVVA) described Janis Lusis, the first president of LVAA, in its obituary as the most outstanding javelin thrower ever (“Visu laiku izcilākais šķēpmetējs”). (1)

    LVVA recalled the special achievements and honour of Janis Lusis:
    – the winner of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games bronze medal (80.57 m); Champion of the 1968 Mexican Olympic Games (90.10 m); Silver medalist of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games (90.46 m)
    – Ten-time Latvian champion, four-time European champion (1962, 1966, 1969, 1971), twelve-time USSR champion and two-time world record holder – 91.98 m (1968, Finland) and 93.80 m (1972, Sweden) in javelin throwing
    – Ten times recognized as the most popular athlete of the year in Latvia (1962-1973)
    – in 1987 the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) recognized him as the most outstanding javelin thrower in the world
    – in 1999 he was awarded the Order of the Three Stars (Class III)
    – in 2009 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award investment in sports
    – admitted to the IAAF Hall of Fame in 2014 – for special investment in athletics LVVA Board

    Since the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, when Janis Lusis missed Olympic gold in a dramatic duel with the German Klaus Wolfermann in a throw of 90.46 m with a distance of two centimetres, the two athletes have been linked by a great friendship. In 2010, at the invitation of the Landessportverband Schleswig-Holstein (LSV), the two Olympics met in the sports and education center of the LSV and exchanged memories. “Javelin throwing is something for young people,” said Janis Lusis jokingly. (2)

    You have to know:

    • 1991, Janis Lusis at IX WAVA WORLD VETERANS CHAMPIONSHIPS – TURKU, FINNLAND – JULY 18 28, 1991 won the silver medal in the M50 javelin with a throw of 57.56 m.
    • As a 55-year-old (1994) Janis had scored 55.18 metres (Javelin, weight 800 gram) at veteran championships. (3)
    • At the 11th World Masters Championships, Buffalo, United States, July 13-23, 1995, Janis (56) throw the javelin 54.00 m for silver.

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