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Irie Hill (GBR) set a 3.41m W50 World Record Pole Vault

    Competing in the Track and Field Meeting in Waiblingen (GER) on June 15th, Briton Irie Hill (pictured)) soared over the 3.41m high bar for a new W50 European and World pole vault record. Irie improved the world record set by Australian Dawn Hartigan in 2007 by one centimeter. Only in March at the WMACI in Torun she won W50 gold thanks to a 3.51m world record vault. She currently holds the indoor and outdoor world records W45 and W50 in the vault.
    Photo of Irie Hill by Frederick Kämpfert r

    When registering for the competition in Waiblingen Irie had announced the intention of the world record attempt: “Since the open-air world record is 3.40 meters, it would be great if I could somehow reach 3.41 meters or 3.45 meters”.

    After her success, Irie Hill was very happy and praised the good conditions and the excellent pole vault in Waiblingen.

    Let’s look forward to the pole vault at EMACS Venice (ITA), 5. – 15. September.