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Join the 2018 #BeActive edition!

    It’s time to #BeActive again!

    After last year’s success we are delighted to announce
    that we are coming back with the 2018 edition of the
    European Week of Sport
    Our main goal remains the same: to promote sport and
    physical activity across Europe to motivate Europeans
    to be more active in everyday life, no matter their age,
    background or fitness level. 

    This year, we will take it one step further!
    We will not only inform you about the campaign,
    but will also provide you the opportunity
    to become a part of the #BeActive movement.
    Registering to join, will give you the possibility
    to share the content we created with whoever you like.
    Sharing has never been easier with the emails you will receive
    containing a direct link to share these fun posts on
    your preferred social channels.

    To continue receiving information about the European Week of Sport and help us spread the word:

    click here

    *Make your first move and click the link above to let us know you are more than happy to help us spread the #BeActive word and would love to receive our content emails. In return, we promise we are committed to protecting your privacy. 

    Now let’s



    Kind and sportive regards,

    The #BeActive team