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Jumping Preview

    EMAC Venice 2019 – Focus on Jumping


    According to the registration list, it is expected that many world renowned masters athletes and record holders will be participating in jumping competions at EMAC.
    Among them are Barbara LAH (W45, ITA), Jonas ASPLUND (M45, SWE), Petra BAJEAT (W50, FRA),
    Irie HILL (W50, GBR), Gianni BECATTI (M55, ITA), Brigitte VAN DE KAMP (W55, NED), Maria ESCRIBANO CHECA (W60, ESP), Petra HERRMANN (W60, GER), Ute RITTE (W65, GER), Wolfgang RITTE (M65, GER), Karin FOERSTER (W70, GER), Dusan PREZELJ (M70, SLO), Siegbert GNOTH (M75, GER),
    Rietje DIJKMAN (W80, NED), Willi KLAUS (M80, GER) and Senni SOPANEN (W90, FIN).
    Some of the participants in combined competitions also take part in their favourite individual competitions, such as Petra Bajeat and Willi Klaus.

    The jumping competitions in detail with the focus on current world record (WR) and European  record (ER) holders.

    a) Long Jump

    W50: BAJEAT Petra FRA 5.23 (Petra’s ER is 5.40). Possibly an exciting competition between Petra Bajeat and Maria Costanza MORONI (ITA) is to be expected.

    W55: BECATTI Gianni ITA 6.35 (WR).

    W60: ESCRIBANO CHECA Maria R ESP 4.58 (WR-holder in long jump and panthatlon/indoor). Maria is very busy at the European Masters Championships by participating at 300m Hs, 80m Hs, long jump and triple jump.

    W90: SOPANEN Senni FIN 1.56 (ER). Senni’s second discipline is the triple jump.

    b) High Jump

    M70: PREZELJ Dusan SLO 1.56 (WR-holder M65 1.67)

    W80: DIJKMAN Rietje NED 1.20 (ER-holder W75). Rietje will probably attack the world record in the W80 High Jump of Rosemary CHRIMES GBR with the listed mark of 1.10 meters.

    M80: KLAUS Willi GER 1.28 (WR pentathlon indoor).

    c) Triple Jump

    W45: LAH Barbara ITA 12.30 (WR)

    W60: HERRMANN Petra GER 9.90 (ER W55 10.05)
    W60: ESCRIBANO CHECA Maria R ESP 10.00 (WR pentathlon)
    A high class competition between Maria Checa Escribano and Petra Herrmann is to be expected.

    W80: DIJKMAN Rietje NED 7.50 (ER W75). 
    Rietje is to be trusted that she will improve the listed W80 world record in the triple jump (7.36) of the German Christina Schmalbuch.

    W90: SOPANEN Senni FIN (ER 3.40)
    Senni is the only one in the triple jump competition of the age category W90.

    d) Pole Vault

    Hill Irie von Frederick Kämpert
    Irie Hill Photo by Frederick Kämpert

    M45: ASPLUND Jonas SWE 4.83 (ER 4.85)

    W65: RITTE Ute GER 2.65 (ER 2.70)
    Ute also takes part in the long jump competition.

    M65: RITTE Wolfgang GER 4.05 (WR M55, M60, M65, ER M50)
    Wolfgang is also one of the favourites in the 100m hurdles and the long jump. In the long jump he is with his 5,44 m only 3 cm below the world record.
    M75: GNOTH Siegbert GER 2.70 (ER)

    W50: HILL Irie    GBR 3.51 (ER, WR W45, WR W50)
    Her stated 3.51m suggests that she wants to improve her own world record of 3.41 from 15 June 2019. Competing in the Munich Indoor Meeting on the 2 February, Irie soared over the 3.50m high bar for a new preliminary W50 British, European and world pole vault record, which she improved by a centimetre in Torun WMACI 2019. She currently holds the W45 World indoor at 3.55m too, set in Budapest in 2014. Irie Hill receives European Best Female Athlete of the Year 2014 award.

    M55: KAMP VAN DE Brigitte NED 3.02 (ER 3.16)

    W70: FOERSTER Karin GER 1.90 (ER 2.22)