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Kurt Kaschke reelected as EMA president

    IMG 8005 rActing president Kurt Kaschke was reelected as president of European Masters Athletics at EMAs General Assembly on Sunday the 30th. of July 2017.

    The excitement was very high among the 69 delegats from 29 of EMA’s 51 member associations when the general assembly was launched Sunday morning.

    Three persons had signaled that they wanted to act as President the next four years. Acting president Kurt Kaschke (GER) was challenged by acting vice-president Jerzey Krauze (POL) and Vesa Lappalinen (FIN).

    The election was decided already in the first round, when Kashcke received 44 votes against Krauzes 19 and Lappalinens 8.

    “There have been many good disputes today. Many great suggestions for how things can be solved in the future. I think many people are relieved after this general meeting has finally come to a conclusion. The GA has trusted and support the work the council has done to get an even closer relation between European Masters Athletics and European Atheltics. I am very pleased to be allowed to continue this work for the years to come”, says president Kaschke. The next position for office was the election of vice President. With 44 to 23 votes, Jean Thomas (FRA) was elected in benefite of Serge Beckers (BEL).

    Helena Maria da Silva Piers de Carvlho (POR) was rerelected as General Secretary. Martin Roald-Arbøl (DEN) has acted as Technical Director since january of 2016, and was chosen to continue in this position until 2021. Gerardo Vaiani Lisi of Italy is the “new old kid in the block” as the new treasure of EMA.