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Last Technical Visit in Braga of EMA responsibles

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    Braga is ready for the European Masters Athletes to join the Championships Indoor 2020, starting on March 14th with the opening ceremony. EMA Council will honour our best masters 2019 during this evening, commencing at 18.30h in the ALTICE FORUM – BRAGA.

    During the Technical Visit EMA Vice-President Competition – Martin Roald Arboel – was very happy to see the track integrated in the arena with space for 1500 spectators around the track.

    There will be another outdoor arena in front of the Forum for warming up and other events.

    The stadium is in excellent condition only the cages have to be fixed for hammer, weight throw, and discus. The last storm destroyed some parts of the construction.

    The cross will take place in the Military Base of the 6th Cavallery Battalion prepared by the Forces of Portugal. The course is on natural ground, prepared before the completion.

    Important for all athletes to know, here some decisions made by LOC and EMA:

    • accreditation,  confirmation,  TIC will be on the first level of the Forum together with the information booth, the trade market, exhibition area, physio service (only accreditated physios by LOC and EMA with a special agreement!)
    • to receive the accreditation the athlete can demand help from their team leaders who can do it for them
    • all accreditation cards will be given by the LOC team (media, physio, team leader, accompanied persons) – the accompanied persons will receive a welcome back as well!
    • transportation in the city of Braga is free for all accreditated persons. The accreditation card is the ticket!
    • the second level of the Forum will be used for catering and viewing.
    • all medal ceremonies will be arranged inside the Forum in the auditorium.
    • call rooms are located outside the Forum between Arena and second indoor facility, inside the Forum and for cross and race walking right at the event area.
    • the race walking course will be prepared in the center of the city, just follow Avenida da Liberdade.
    • there are medals for the first three athletes and the first three relays and teams but for all athletes, a special memory medal will be given.
    • EMA will follow WMA championship rules but will have some changes suitable for the athletes (please read the technical manual that will be updated next week!)
    • creating teams – affiliates can create a natural team. If they can create a team by taking an athlete out of her or his category (f.e one from W50 to form a composed team of W45) this is only possible when the affiliate has not created natural teams!
    • a certain amount of pole vaults will be available for rent. This has to be required until the closing of the entry for EMACI2020. Athletes who will take their poles by car have to have a special sign at the end of the poles when they are longer than the car. This is required in all countries you are driving through! There will be a room for athletes to store them. Training sessions are only possible when there are no events in the arena. Please contact the LOC for possible exercises. Another outdoor stadium will be offered in Guimarães.
    • training sessions for throwers need to be requested as well. The LOC will offer space in the stadium.
    • there are athletes from out of Europe who entered into our event. They can not be European Champion but they will receive a medal when the result is better than a European athlete. Final entries for them only after all European athletes registered (21st final entry 23.59h Portuguese Time!). Last possibility for out of Europe athletes: the week after (28th 23.59h Portuguese time!)

    All guests winning a medal will be honored directly after the official ceremony.

    • the Championships will finish on Saturday after the last medal ceremony. The next day Braga has an international Half Marathon – this event is not an EMA Championship! The EMA Halfmarathon will be in Funchal (Madeira) on April 4th. Athletes who like to take part need to enter in

    EMA Council and LOC Braga 2020 communicates officially on their homepages:  and 

    The social media pages  – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter are not an official platform.

    All requests must go directly to SIGMA helpdesk- registration difficulties – or through the LOC of Braga2020. Only requests of the Members must be sent directly to EMA Council – no individuals.

    We like to wish you a great preparation, stay healthy and fit – see you in BRAGA

    Kurt Kaschke 

    EMA President