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Citizenship and Athletics’ Licence – regulation and rule (WMA Constitution)

8.2 An individual who is a citizen of two Countries or Territories or who has a permanent place of residence (3 years or more) in a Country or Territory of which he is not a citizen, and having not previously competed as a Master Athlete may first compete for the Country or Territory of his choice and shall thereafter compete only for that Country or Territory unless otherwise allowed under Rule 8.3.

8.3 An individual who is a citizen or permanent resident of two Countries or Territories and who has competed for one of those Countries or Territories may thereafter compete for the other Country or Territory, only when changing their citizenship or permanently residing (3 years or more in either case) in the new Country or Territory, and an official written request from the individual to the two Members has been agreed and confirmed in writing by the WMA Secretary.

8.4 The request from the individual shall be forwarded by his present Member to the new Member, the Regional Secretary and WMA. A written agreement by both Members must be sent to the WMA Secretary, who shall confirm or deny the request and notify the Members and the Regional Secretary accordingly. A term of non-eligibility as per the IAAF rules 5.4d (I, ii, iii) may possibly apply to any request.

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