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Let the EMACI begin

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    The City of Braga wished master athletes from over 50 national welcome to 7 days of celebration of 
    master athletics on Sunday the 20th of February.
    With some 1000 spectators on the stand in the beautiful arena.
    The city of Braga, and its people, could finely put on a great show, two years delayed
    because of the world–wide pandemic
    the has prevented most of people's everyday lives.
    We are making it happened, EMA President Kurt Kaschke said before he entered the arena
    for the Opening ceremony.
    A band of local young drummers set the standard, and gave the ceremony the beat which
    the championships will show after two years of Covid-restrictions.
    Flags from all countries who are present at the Championships was presented by members of each country. This is a celebration of sports and life.
    I hope you all will have a great stay in Braga this coming week, and that you will come back,
    said Mayor of Braga, Ricardo Rio, in his opening speech.
    The coming seven days master athletes all over Europe and around the world will have their eyes
    on the action in the beautiful city in Portugal.