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Life stories – Sports stories

    20160402_175256_resized_r“Each sports story hides both a special and unique emotion. It hides those sacrifices that become lifestyles and define daily choices and decisions.”
    EMA Academy managing director Emanuel Baggiolini presented the audience Emma Mazzenga (ITA), Guido Müller (GER), Nicole Alexis (FRA), and Matthias Sunneborn (SWE) in a seminar about the life of athletes during the European Indoor Championships in Ancona.

    There is always a story behind – that is sometimes hidden behind the performance of the athlete.

    EMMA – she had always the passion to run from the beginning, but now the free time as well.
    “As long as I can I will do my sport that I love so much, many more years!”

    GUIDO – I nearly made it to start in the Olympics … but it never happened. After many years of hard working I discovered my favourite sport again. You have to make a plan and you have to focus on your target – with discipline you can reach your goals!”

    NICOLE – “When I was in Torun for the EMACI 2015 I felt to be at home. I have Polish ancestors.
    Athletics … I like to work hard in my training, and I am lucky to have a body that allows me to do this intensive preparation and competition.”

    MATTHIAS – “When I was 15 years old my father committed suicide – I hid this secret for more than ten years and I cried a lot. But I had support and help to find my balance in life again. Now I try to help others to solve their difficulties. SUICIDE ZERO – jumpagainstsuicide – this is where I am needed now. Athletics is my sport. I like to train with others, I like coaching, but I like competition as well!”