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Madrid is ready to open the doors on Sunday

    Dear Athletes, Officers, Teamleaders, Volunteers,
    Dear EMA Members,
    Dear Guests from Oversea,

    It will be a pleasure to welcome you all in Madrid for the biggest Athletics Indoor event
    up to now. 3844 athletes entered the system to take part in our EMACI2018 Championship.
    The LOC of Madrid and the Technical Board of Managers of EMA worked together
    to find suitabe solutions for this amount of competitions. We all will try to do our best to
    give you a positive impressions of our team work.

    Have a save trip to Madrid, take your time to let you be welcomed by the citizen and their hospitality. Prepare yourself well for the races and events.

    Let us meet on Sunday, when the doors will open at 09.00h o’clock.
    Our team will be there to assist you as well.
    When you receive your accreditation (don’t miss your passport!) go to the TIC to make sure you will be in the races you want to compete.
    Accreditation Office opens at 09.00h o’clock – TIC at 12.00h.

    The first technical meeting of LOC, EMA and Member delegates will start at 17.00h in the indoor arena. Signs will lead you.

    On Sunday evening at 19.00h we like to invite you to join the opening ceremony where we like to honour our EBM and TCFPA winners.

    Have a great time in Madrid and enjoy the atmosphere of great events.

    Kurt Kaschke
    EMA President