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Málaga – how to get around

    The City of  Málaga is still working together with the LOC to be best prepared.
    Arriving at the airport you can take any transport system to get to your destination.
    The important train station in the centre is called
    Go out of the building and walk to the metro station El PARCEL.

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    There are two lines to take:
    The BLUE LINE will take you to the accreditation,TIC, and other official venues.
    Get of at  PALACIO DE DEPORTES metro station.
    The RED LINE connects two stadiums.
    The first one to get off is called CARRANQUE. The stadium is just in front of you. Just follow the road 200m passing a little nice restaurant and the Mercado (shopping mall), cross the road and you enter the venue.
    The next stadium you get on the RED LINE is ESTADIO UNIVERSIDAD. You have to get off at CLÍNICO. The venue will be just in front of you, 200m to walk to the entry.
    If you must go to Torremolinos you have to take the train from the central station or where ever you are accommodated.
    Time it takes to the venues is between 5 minutes – CARRANQUE and 15 minutes – PALACIO DE DEPORTES  or PALACIO DEL DEPORTES but minimum of 25 minutes to go to TORREMOLINOS   – starting at the central station.
    Tickets and available at the stations – press 1+ for more than one – and pay cash (€) or by credit card.
    You will receive your free transportation tickets at the accreditation center. English, Spanish, and German are the languages the machines are working with.
    Some photos will help you to know where to go.
    Have a save and nice trip to  Málaga