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Malmö likes to host the Masters 2020

    After the successful Indoor Championships in Madrid the Capital City of Scane likes to invite the European Masters to take part in the next Indoors.
    Malmö is a very modern city in Sweden where the citizens love outdoor activities as well as all kinds of sport.
    During the visit of Technical Director Martin Roald Arboel, Indoor Manager Moreno Beggio and President Kurt Kaschke  – the LOC Team of EMACI2020, under the leadership of Mats Sevensson and Pia Bosdotter, the City hosted the Jujitsu World Championships.
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    It was impressive to see the sportscomlex and the area that will be used for non-stadia events.
    The indoor arena is a bit smaller than Ancona, Torun or Madrid but the throwing fields and the tracks are renewed and best prepared.
    It would be a pleasure to go to Malmö in 2020 and enjoy the World Masters Athletics Championships two years later in Gothenburg.