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Marathon in Wroclaw 2017 – a festival for the runners

    On September 10th 2017 the City of Wroclaw will welcome the European Masters – the first time in EMA history a European Masters Championship in Marathon part of a big city marathon.
    The Polish Athletic Federation will support this event to make “Running for All” come true. The Federation will create a special competition licence that allows Polish athletes to take part in this championship marathon.

    The benefit of the Federation is obvious: if the runners don’t want to enter the Federation for a year, they can be part for special events – this might open another door. Will other Federation follow this idea?

    EMA officers visited Wroclaw to work on the details of these championship and could witness a great night half marathon. LOC Director Wojciech Gestwa and his team gave a perfect example of a cooperation between the municipality, clubs, and hundreds of volunteers to create a race that motivated 10 000 participants.

    The marathon of Wroclaw 2016 has opened its entry page. If you Iike to join this year, follow this link

    Kurt Kaschke