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Master 2021 Athletics – International Meeting


    Master 2021 Athletics – Madeira, June 19-20, 2021
    Centro Desportivo da Madeira – Ribeira Brava
    Association: AARAM
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    1. GENERAL RULES (Excerpt)
    1.1. MASTER ATHLETICS International Meeting (MAIM) it’s an international masters competition organized by Associação de Atletismo da Região Autónoma da Madeira (AARAM).
    1.2. The competition will be held according with WA and WMA regulations.
    1.3. Special procedures will be held regarding Covid-19 and all athletes and remaining sports agents, should comply with the organization determinations.
    1.3.1. To be given access to the event desk office and right to participate in the competition, all  athletes and remaining sports agents should have and show it upon request at the event desk office, a vaccination proof or a negative Covid-19 test performed until up to 72 hours before the meeting starts.