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    European Athletics Championships 2018 Berlin (Germany) 6-12 August 2018. The photo (by Alfred Hermes) shows the 36th year old German Eike Onnen at the high jump in the Berlin Olympic Stadium. He reached the 8th place in the final.
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    Brian Owen (Records Coordinator, BMAF) analyzed the results at the European Athletics Championships and discovered that 61 athletes were older than 35 years. The oldest was Catherine Bertone (ITA, W45), who finished ninth in the marathon. Particularly noteworthy from the point of view of Masters athletics were a gold and a silver medal from Masters in 50km Race Walk, which also set new world records in the age groups W35 and M35.

    Two World Records 50km Race Walk in the Age Groups W35 and M35

    1 HENRIQUES Inês (Portugal)4:09:21 CR
    (* 1 MAY 1980, W35) World Record W35

    50km Race Walk Men
    2 TÓTH Matej (Slovak Repubic)3:47:27
    (*10 FEB 1983, W35) World Record M35

    Brian Owen summarized the Masters class participants and their data and results in a list, that can be downloaded here as a PDF file.

    HENRIQUES Inês (Portugal)
    Portugal’s Inês Henriques established the first official women’s world record for the 50km race walk, covering the distance in 4:08:26 at the Portuguese 50km Race Walking Championships in Porto de Mos on January 1, 2017. IAAF had previously announced that as of 1 January 2017 any performances equal to or faster than 4:30:00 would be accepted as having fulfilled the conditions for a world record. In August 2017 she won the gold medal and the inaugural world title in London in a since-beaten world record of 4:05:56 in the 50km race walk at the IAAF World Championships.
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    TÓTH Matej (Slovak Repubic)
    Slovakia’s Matej Tóth is probably one of the most successful athletes in the Slovak Republic since independence in 1993. He won gold at the world championships 2015 in Beijing and at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.In Berlin, he achieved a world record in the age group M35. In the face of high temperatures he finished second behind the 11 years younger Maryan ZAKALNYTSKYY from the Ukraine. Toth leads the 2018 European lists with 3:42:46.
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