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Mountain Running Championship of Masters in Montcada i Reixac

    20170430 083035 rThe preparation of the 13.5km long up and downhill course started for the LOC early in the morning of the last day in April. Ildefonso Teruel – Technical Director – and Race Director Enrico Maya had created a very various course with many adventures for the 187 runners. The temperature was about 15 degrees Celsius and a little bit rain during the race.

    60 volunteers were supporting the competitors with refreshments and motivating words.

    The course was really not easy but the first Spanish athlete only needed about 52 minutes to return to the city centre.

    The dominance of the Spanish colours made this championship a home event for the Spanish Athletic Federation. But there were other athletes who could finish with great results as well.

    Very successful were the teams of Romania, Ireland and Germany.

    After two hours the last competitors crossed the finish line so the LOC could start the open race with more than 400 competitors of the  Barcelona region.

    The President of the Organisation  – Señor Salvador Serratosa – was very satisfied after the last runner finished. “Montcada did a great job and thanks to all the volunteers and official who made this European Championship a big success for our city. When do you want to come again? Just give us a call …”

    EMA President Kurt Kaschke took the chance to run the course behind the field to receive an impression of the natural environment of the mountain paths. “The athletes enjoyed this beautiful natural course with beautiful views down to the city and the sea. It was a hard track to run but enjoyable. No problems occurred because of the great support of a perfect team. Where do we meet in 2019? Let’s see if we convince another country to run for a bidding!”


    Montcada i Reixach (Barcelona), 30 de abril de 2017

    Enorme éxito deportivo en esta sexta edición del campeonato de Europa de Montaña de veteranos magníficamente organizado por el ayuntamiento de la localidad y el club Joventut Atlética Montcada.

    Sobre un recorrido de 13,4km y un desnivel de 550 metros y con algo de lluvia se dieron cita 188 atletas, de los cuales acabaron 172. Los mejores fueron Alberto González (54:11) y Laia Andreu (1h00:08). España logró 47 medallas(26 de oro, 7 de plata y 14 de bronce), superando las 27 medallas del año 2010 en la vecina Cerdanyola (15 oro, 4 plata, 8 bronce). En esta ocasión segunda fue Alemania con 7 medallas y a continuación con 4 Gran Bretaña e Irlanda.

    Fernando Marquina RFEA

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