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New M50 Decathlon Worldrecord by Sunneborn (SWE)

    The Sky is the Limit

    This past weekend Mattias Sunneborn, 50, made an impressive decathlon and managed to break the world record at 8106p set by Jean-Luc Duez in 2016.


    Posted by Lasse Ohtamaa | Aug 25, 2021 |

    The 21st of August Sunneborn set his startingblocks for the first event 100m and started his two day journey, with a clear target in sight, the M50 world record in decathlon.

    The decathlon is a rollercoaster ride of emotions and everyone has their ups and downs.

    The always well prepared Sunneborn had calculated and made a target series with results for every ten events of the decathlon. The easy part is the ”paperwork” (planning) and the hardest part is keeping your body and mind in control during the actual competition. Sunneborn executed as calculated or even better in most events and managed to break the world record with 141points, the new record stands at 8247p.

    Every athlete has a strong team behind them, so was the case in this competition too. Mattias was coached by his long time coach Jorma Jääskeläinen and training partner Lasse ”Krydd” Ohtamaa, who also competed in the same decathlon. Mattias was also assisted by his friend Bengt Rilegård, (Doctor of Naprapathy and also an amazing sportsmasseur)

    The results (Osterbro Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark):

    100m: 11.63 (+0.4), Longjump: 628 (0.0), Shot put (6kg): 12.88, High Jump 176, 400m 51.67

    100mh (91cm): 14.79 (-1.9), Discus (1.5kg): 38.93, Pole vault: 311, Javelin (700g): 47.99, 1500m: 5.17,03

    Points: 8247

    The decathlon started off well with a solid 100m race, but didn’t go as well as planned in long jump (jumped 30-40cm behind the board), shot put or the 100m hurdles, due to the strong headwind and that the distance between the hurdles is too short for his powerful stride.

    This was his third world record in 2021, the other records was in 400m hurdles and pentathlon (outdoors).