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New Regulations for the EMORRC Team Ranking

    Continuing with the policy of harmonizing the rules that regulate the Master activity at an international level, the EMA Council, in agreement with the WMRA (World governing Body for the Mountain and Trail running) and WMA, has decided, with effect from 01 January 2024 , to change the procedures for the Teams ranking. For this reason, starting with the Machico 2024  European Masters Off Road Running championship: – Team medals will be given to the first three teams in all races and categories – There could be only one team per country.
    – In all categories, team results shall be decided by the aggregate of places recorded by the first three runners.
    – Also teams with only 2 members are classified, but after all teams with 3 members
    – There is no requirement to declare team members in advance.
    – The “3 runners team” with the lowest aggregate of points will be judged the winner.
    – Any tie will be decided in favour of the team whose last scoring member finishes nearer the first place – There will be, for the Mountain and Trail running events only, no more Composed Teams.

    The decision is motivated: – by the will to harmonize the Off Road running rules, as mentioned above (we are one family!) – because, in this kind of event, especially in the longer races, the time differences between the runners could be really big… or small. Calculation by positions eliminates this – because the calculation by positions is very simple.

    For all the Non Stadia Events EMA will continue to apply the World Masters Athletics Team Scoring rules (Natural Teams, Composed Teams and result on cumulative time basis). See you in Machico!

    EMA Council – Giovanni Tracanelli EMA VP Competition