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Official letter of EMA Council

    Dear Athletes who entered Braga and Madeira,

    We do not know when we all have a relatively normal life again.

    Until now we are waiting at home and try to be patient.

    Our planned Indoor, Non-Stadia, Mountain Running and Trail Running championships are postponed.

    We still have to wait until all regions in the world and WMA have found a balance for all events that were planned – then decisions have to be done.

    People who registered and do not want to keep their registration will receive the whole entry fee and the national fee back – and not 50% as said before. We received many e-mails from athletes who want us to keep going on and they are looking forward to go back on the track. We will try to do our best to do so.

    Please give us time to find out the best way to work. It is a challenge for our organisation because this situation has never happened before – and hopefully will never happen again.

    We learned a lot about the difficulty to be prepared for the worst case – contracts have to be rechecked, responsibilities need to be defined clearly, insurances need to be asked for.

    It would help EMA Council a lot to receive your ideas and proposals to do better in the future.

    Thank you to all of you who understand the situation our organisation is confronted with.

    The City of Braga – our partner of EMACI2020 – spent around 280,000€ for the preparation of the championship.

    EMA supported Braga with around 50,000€ – money we received from the entry fees.

    Medals were produced, bib numbers ready, material was bought, indoor track was installed, second indoor arena was built up, caterers  bought food, sponsors and supporters produced equipment …

    and the City of Braga could not welcome the athletes who would have spent a lot of money in restaurants, for hotels, for gifts – this money does not come to the people of Braga.

    We do not know how the shut-down will effect the people, the cities, the communities, the countries but be sure many people will suffer.

    Let us look forward to a new start and perhaps we have to change our perspective. May be new doors will be opened for our beloved sport activities – but more than that – we have to take care of each other and support those who need our help.

    On behalf of EMA Council

    Kurt Kaschke

    EMA President