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    Photo Credit Paul Reilly ( Drogheda and District AC ): Anne Gilshinan (IRL) on her way to setting a new indoor World Record for the mile for the W55 category in a time of 5.07.01 at the National Indoor Arena,
    Abbottstown, on December 8th 2021. 

    Anne Gilshinan on her world record for the mile: „Christmas came early for me last night when I stepped out on the track at the NIA live meet in Abbotstown, and set a New World Record (W55) for the indoor mile in a time of 5.07.01. I was absolutely thrilled and genuinely surprised myself.“

    Commenting on her world record for 1500m on 19 January 2022, Anne Gilshinan wrote: „Great night up at the NIA live meet in Abbottstown tonight. I set a new World Record in the W55 1500m with a time of 4:43.59 taking 2.51 seconds off the existing world record. It was a tough record to break!“

    The excellent results in the current indoor season make Anne Gilshinan the absolute favourite at the EMACI 2022 in Braga.

    In an interview with Alfred Hermes, Anne Gilshinan revealed a lot about her life, her training, her feelings and her goals.

    Where do you live?

    Anne Gilshinan:

    I live close to a small village called Bridgetown, Co. Wexford, Ireland. Its approximately 20km from Wexford town. In Irish terms its referred to as ‘living in the country’.  My place of birth is Virgina, Co. Cavan and I grew up there and moved to Wexford in 1995.

    What are your training possibilities like?

    Anne Gilshinan:

    I train mainly in the morning times as I work most evenings.  I use the natural facilities in the area. I train on the road and use sections of it for short and long hill sprints, and for long runs and tempo runs. I am a member of Slaney Olympic A.C. and I do a track session once or twice a week depending on my schedule. I do a strength and conditioning session twice a week using a speed board designed by Star Geoghegan. I have all that I need locally to do my training.

    Are you well supported in sport?

    Anne Gilshinan:

    Yes. I have huge support from my immediate family and my husband Keith is my single biggest supporter. Apart from that I have a great support team in the form of my friend and coach Rich Burns who spends a phenomenal amount of time designing my bespoke training schedules, my therapist Star Geoghegan, and friend Kevin Cogley. I get fantastic encouragement and good luck messages from my club mates in Slaney Olympic. Within the master’s family in Ireland we all help and encourage each other and it has a real team feel when we travel abroad to compete in the Irish colours.  

    How did you prepare for your top performances?

    Anne Gilshinan:

    I train consistently and I do not miss sessions. It is the consistency that is the key for me. I have a mix of speed, tempo, and long recovery runs. I also do some strength and conditioning, and I get regular physical therapy. In training for a top performance I target a particular event/meet, and I work to get myself into top condition to perform at that competition. I have a fantastic and knowledgeable friend Rich Burns who acts as my coach and he designs my training programme. I trust him fully, and I know that if I can keep to his schedule that I will be in the best condition possible, and ready to race.


    How did you feel after your records?

    Anne Gilshinan:

    I am absolutely delighted that I have achieved World Records. When I got back into running and competed at my first International Master Championships in Ancona Italy in 2016, I never contemplated getting a World Record. I feel both honoured and blessed that I was able to achieve them. In reality, its surreal, and I sometimes giggle to myself when I’m training that its actually me that has those records.  I am very proud to see the Irish Flag on the list of published records.

    What are your expectations in Braga?

    Anne Gilshinan:

    I try not to put too much pressure on myself by having expectations. The race is always ‘about the day’ and so long as I give it my very best shot and leave it all on the track then I am happy. I hope that if my health is good and I am in good physical condition that I will be in a position to compete for the podium. 

    What are your sporting goals for the future?

    Anne Gilshinan:

    After the indoor championships I will focus on the World Master Championships in Finland. I would like to compete in the 800m and the 1500m in Tampere. My training will be built on getting to Tampere in good condition.  In the longer term, I would like to keep competing at this level, healthy and injury free.