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    Photo Credit Thomas Blech: Jochen Gippert (GER) on his way to setting a new indoor World Record for the 200m in the M45 category in 22.46 on 30 January 2022 in Dortmund (GER), shortly after he turned 45.

    The German sprinter Jochen Gippert from TV Herkenrath already demonstrated his excellent form in mid-January when he ran the 60m in 7.00 seconds at regional championships in Leverkusen.

    Jochen Gippert regards his sprints under competition conditions as part of his preparation for the European Masters Athletics Championships (indoor) in Braga at the end of February.

    In an interview with Alfred Hermes, he gives an insight into his training and his goals.

    Where do you live and what do you do for a living?

    Jochen Gippert:

    I live in Bergisch Gladbach, just east of Cologne. I work as a Product Support Manager in a software company.

    What are your training possibilities like?

    Jochen Gippert:

    In training, I can regularly use our municipal stadium, where we also have a 6-track facility, a multi-purpose hall and our own weight room equipped with everything we need. We have the possibility to measure the jumping power electronically, to measure flying runs with light barriers, to use modern equipment like hams hell in the strength area and much more. In more normal times there is also the possibility to use an athletics indoor facility in the winter. All this under the experienced guidance of my coach Klaus Höller and as part of a great group. All in all, these are excellent training conditions.

    Are you well supported in sport?

    Jochen Gippert:

    Like the other athletes, I am really well supported by the club. Medically, I am lucky to be looked after by one of the – in my humble opinion – best sports physicians, Dr Jürgen Ramacher. As a track and field athlete with many years of experience, he always knows the right measure to take. And this winter I was also able to have regular access to a physio. Of course, I don’t have the support of a sponsor. That is the dream of almost every track and field athlete.

    How did you prepare for your top performances?

    Jochen Gippert:

    Regular training, four to five times a week, with many new ideas from biomechanics have complemented the established programme very well. So far (good luck) I have remained injury-free and have been able to continue working continuously. The impulses from Dr. Tobias Alt, a well renowned German biomechanic and former track athlete were extremely helpful in terms of content as well as incredibly motivating and an incentive to give everything.

    How did you feel after your records?

    Jochen Gippert:

    After the 60m performance in 2019 (6.99s), I have set myself the goal of a time under seven seconds this year. The 100m time from the summer makes that seem within the realms of possibility and my coach and I have also concentrated on the 60m and focused our training on it. The fact that I did so well in the 200m… a distance that is not really one of my favourites, is absolutely crazy and the biggest surprise for me.

    What are your expectations in Braga?

    Jochen Gippert:

    The entry list promises a high-class competition, both over 60m and 200m. I want to take home a medal in both distances and preferably defend both titles from 2018. Even though I am now probably the favourite in the 200m, nothing is decided and I will have to give everything – as always! 

    What are your sporting goals for the future?

    Jochen Gippert:

    I’m currently working on my technique, I want to rebuild it and see what else is possible for me. To hear the national anthem at the award ceremony in Tampere – that’s my goal!