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Pedersen and Lopez look back on a remarkable season

    Overall B

    Rosa Elvina Pedersen from Denmark and Jose Vicente Rioseco Lopez from Spain have been selected as the European Masters Athletes of the Year. The European Masters Athletics Awards 2021 will be celebrated at EMACI 2022 in Braga.

    Rosa Elvina Pedersen

    Rosa Elvina Pedersen studied Merconom Marketing and lives in Odense, Denmark. Even at 80, she worked once a week in a second-hand shop. Her photo even appeared on the cover of Sports Life magazine.

    The EMA Best List contains the following entries on Perdersen’s performances:


    High Jump

    W85+ 0.95               Rosa Pedersen,DEN             250230 Lyon,FRA         070815 WMA World R

    *W90+0.95               Rosa Pedersen,DEN             250230 Greve,DEN        040921     World R

    Long Jump

    W85 2.93 -0.3         Rosa Elvina Pedersen,DEN           250230 Lyon,FRA         120815 WMA World R

    *W90 2.52 +0.1   Rosa Elvina Pedersen,DEN     250230       Greve,DEN         220820     World R

    Shot Put

    *W90 6.25       Rosa Elvina Pedersen,DEN     250230       Greve,DEN         230820     World R


    *W90 15.32             Rosa Elvina Pedersen,DEN     250230 Greve,DEN         220820     World R

    Now 91 years old, she set various Danish records in her age group. However, at 85, she broke through with a world record with a jump of 278 centimetres. She had very clearly wrestled the title of the world’s best W85 long jumper from Japan’s Masako Hasegewa and improved the record by 24 cm. Finally, she bettered her own world record in W85 to 2.92m. The distance is all the more amazing as she only jumped 2.54m in 2011. She almost came close to this jumping distance again at 90.

    But she also set world records in the high jump in W85 and W90. At 90, she managed to jump the same height of 0.95m as her world record in W85 six years earlier.

    Rosa Pedersen has had a long and impressive career in the athletics world and has stayed in shape over the years. That is also the reason why she managed to become the best in the world in long jump and high jump in W85 and W90.

    Jose Vicente Rioseco Lopez

    Jaume Ferret (Vocal de la FCA, Federació Catalana d’Atletisme) already expressed his enthusiasm on 06/06/21:

    “The Galician José Vicente Rioseco continues to impress everyone with his fabulous records. Last weekend (04.06.2021) in Pontevedra he broke two world records in the M80 age category in the same race. The first world record of the day reached the 3,000m step within the 5,000m, timed at 11: 56.25, beating Canadian legendary Edward Whitlock 12: 13.56 set in 2011, the final time of the 5000m was a new world record of 20: 20.01, again significantly improving the previous world record (20: 58.12) set by the aforementioned Whitlock. The runner, who belongs to the Naron Athletics Club, has already set his fifth international record this season.“

    So far Jaume in June!

    But that was not to be all the records of the retired medic José Vicente Rioseco, who turned 80 on 30 April. It was to get even better. At the European Masters Athletics Festival in September in Ancona, José Vicente Rioseco set two indoor world records within two days: On Friday, 24.9.2021, he achieved a world indoor record in the 1500 metres in his age group M80. With a time of 5:33.33 he beat the previous indoor record of Frenchman Jean-Louis Esnault by more than fourteen seconds. One day later, José Vicente Rioseco ran a new M80 world best in the 800 metres in a fantastic 2:43.67, improving the previous world indoor record set by Canada’s Earl Fee in 2010 by almost nine seconds.

    José Vicente Rioseco takes part in few competitions. He takes part in few competitions. He prefers to do athletics training, swimming, reading, listening to music and talking to friends.

    All the more impressive, or perhaps because of it, that he currently holds 11 international Masters athletics records in M75 & M80 (PC indoors, AL outdoors), compiled by Fernando Marquina, Coordinador Atletismo Master, RFEA:

    WR 800 m PC 2:43.67 M80 30-04-41Ancona (ITA)25-09-21

    WR 1500 m PC 5:33.33 M80 30-04-41 Ancona (ITA)24-09-21

    WR MIlla (mile) AL 5:56.93 M80 30-04-41 Vigo 18-07-21

    WR 1500 m AL 5:30.89 M80 30-04-41 Málaga 19-06-21

    WR 5000 m AL 20:20.01 M80 30-04-41 Pontevedra 04-06-21

    WR 3000 m AL 11:56.25 M80 30-04-41 Pontevedra 04-06-21

    WR 800 m AL 2:41.59 M80 30-04-41 A Coruña 30-04-21

    WR 2.000m obs. (H) AL 8:29.26 M75 30-04-41 Sagunto 28-06-19

    ER 800 m PC 2:41.00 M75 30-04-41 Ourense 23-12-18

    WR 1.500m AL 5:11.27 M75 30-04-41 Pontevedra 16-06-18

    WR 800m AL 2:30.59 M75 30-04-41 Vilagarcía de Arousa 18-06-16